Technology transfer to our members

  • We analyze the technological needs of the member companies
  • We look for the best solutions on international markets technologies that meet their needs
  • We update on the continuous developments of new technologies
  • We assist in the transfer of technology from companies
    producers of innovation
We accelerate the economic-financial development of innovative start-up and SMEs and at the same time of our partner companies

Acceleration of Innovative Startups

We assist the innovative startups involved in their development financial with our professionals and we assist them in their commercial development through the network of international relations of our members


  • What are the requirements that an innovative start-up must have to participate in your acceleration programs?
    • A few years of activity
    • Consolidated business model
    • Products developed at least in the first versions
    • A minimum turnover and a minimum number of customers in Italy or in the country of origin
  • How can I apply my innovative start-up to your acceleration programs?
    • You can send your interest sending an email to
    • You will be offered a confidentiality agreement on the data you send us
    • You can then send us: presentations, teaser, pitch, business plan
  • How much do you invest in an innovative start-up?
    • Direct investments up to € 100,000
    • Co-investments of our shareholders up to € 500,000
    • Presentations to Investment Funds and Venture Capital that invest in the seed phase (up to € 2,000,000)
  • How much does a technology transfer project cost for a company that is a partner of your accelerator?
    From 20% to 50% less than the direct purchase by the company
  • What does the assistance for financing the technological development of your partner companies consist of?
    We help raise private (investors), debt (banks), public (subsidized loans) capital to cover technological development projects.
  • Do you also help partner companies to launch their innovative products on the market?
    Of course, through our website, our social pages and the blog, we promote our members on international markets

    We will be happy to answer your questions


    Registered Office: Viale Amendola, 133 – 84025 Eboli (Sa)

    Headquarter: Via XXIV Maggio – 84025 Eboli (Sa)

    Luxembourg Office: 76, Grand-Rue – L-1660 Luxembourg


    Monday – Friday 8 – 19